Portable, rechargeable, headlights, torches, floodlight systems, rechargeable hand lamps. All our lights are designed and manufactured to ensure very high performance and a long life under all working conditions.

The Aurora space light is constructed from powder coated high-grade pressure die cast aluminium. The lens is manufactured from polycarbonate. The combination of these two processes ensures a lightweight and extremely durable product.

  • Superior to halogen, this unit runs cool giving daylight quality, shadow free light equivalent to 500W halogen.
  • Completely waterproof (IP68) and made from high pressure die-cast aluminium casing with polycarbonate lens.
  • Mains and 12v recharging using our anti-theft charging leads.
    Safe operation in all weather and extreme conditions.
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to +60°C.
  • The complete answer to portable and emergency lighting requirements.
  • Superb, safe task light used by MOD, police, fire and utilities.
  • Adopted widely as a contingency light by the nuclear and other critical industries.

cat no. 55/020060

cat no. 55/020045

The need for effective portable lighting will vary between industries. In some situations, such as railway maintenance, utilities, emergency services and other mobile activities the requirement will be on going and intensive. In other areas it may only be occasional but in every industrial sector there will always be occasions where lighting is indispensable

.If power fails, or is unavailable, it will continue to operate and unlike standard emergency lighting the portable rechargeable lighting can be located exactly where required.

There are benefits in an industrial environment where safe operation is imperative and where compliance with regulations have to be adhered to.
No dangerous voltages, trailing cables or hot surfaces. Not fumes, pollution or noise. Operating expenses are negligible. Very low maintenance and ZERO installation charges.


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